Rebooting Local Economies

Rebooting Local Economies on a Desk

Rebooting Local Economies

Learn How to Build A Prosperous Community

Why do some communities thrive and grow while others struggle and decline? The short answer is that smart communities know how to attract and nurture the kinds of businesses and organizations they want to create a vibrant economy and higher quality of life. However, there’s much more to the story.

The chances of achieving success in building a more prosperous community are greater when you have a team composed of economic development professionals and residents who want to make their communities a better place. Ideally, this includes elected officials, board members, key stakeholders, and citizens who want to improve where they live. In many cases, though, these individuals don’t have an educational background in community and economic development and often learn on the fly. That’s why Rebooting Local Economies: How to Build Prosperous Communities was written.

The more elected officials and residents know and understand about community and economic development, the more the community will prosper. This book is a practical guide to help communities reach their goals for prosperity, with many examples of how communities and regions around the world have attained and maintained prosperity in an ever-changing environment.

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It is based on the authors’ combined years of experience helping communities and regions across the country and around the world create their roadmaps to prosperity with better jobs, improved public services, and enhanced amenities.

Community prosperity is a team sport, and just like winning a championship takes time and teamwork, so does building a better community. This book is designed to help your entire team work from the same playbook, no matter their prior experience, so everyone is working toward the common goals of a thriving economy and a better place to live, work, and play.

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