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Community development is like a team sport, but all too often it is not conducted that way. In sports, winning teams are created by individual players to work together in a culture of shared knowledge and experience. The same concept applies to communities, and that’s why Prosperous Places exist. With all team members working together under a unified vision, your community will prosper.

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Rebooting Local Economies:

How to Build Prosperous Communities

Our book is a practical guide to help communities reach their goals for prosperity. The book is based on the authors’ years of experience helping communities and regions across the country and around the world create their roadmaps to prosperity with better jobs, improved public services, and enhanced amenities.


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Rebooting Local Economies: How to Build Prosperous Communities
A practical guide and toolbox for community and economic development

Janus Forum

Janus Forum

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We Help Commuities Thrive

We love to see communities succeed, so the Janus Institute and Rock Paper Scissors created Prosperous Places as a platform for communities, regions, and states to learn from each other and find expert advice.

The Prosperous Places team is here to help communities build a better future by sharing information, strategies, and success stories in community and economic development.

A Few Organizations We've Worked With

Over the years, Prosperous Places professionals have helped all kinds of community and economic development organizations around the world committed to making their communities better places to live, work, and play.

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