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Resolving Political Division Begins with Community

By Robert H. Pittman, Executive Director and Founder, Janus Institute For those who still may not understand that our country faces significant and perhaps unprecedented political divisions, a quick scan of the news will educate them quickly. It is often hard to tell if you are reading a news …

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Housing as Economic Development Policy

By Robert Pittman, Executive Director, Janus Institute In post-war America, perhaps no image illustrated economic progress more than a comfortable single-family house on a tree-lined street – complete with a car (or two) in every driveway and a chicken in every pot. The Federal Government made …

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Workforce Development That WORKS!

With a growing economy requiring more highly skilled workers, workforce development has become the hottest of topics. As discussed in “A Chicken vs. Egg Redux”, employers can be strongly attracted to communities that have educated and skilled workers. Assessing the local labor force and marketing …

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