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Workforce Development That WORKS!

With a growing economy requiring more highly skilled workers, workforce development has become the hottest of topics. As discussed in “A Chicken vs. Egg Redux”, employers can be strongly attracted to communities that have educated and skilled workers. Assessing the local labor force and marketing …

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The Product: Making Your Community Development Ready

By Robert Pittman, Executive Director, Janus Institute Do you think you live in a good community? Do you have a good quality of life, a good job, good friends in town, nice restaurants, and weather that suits you? Some fortunate communities have all of these attributes. Many do not, but still, most …

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Using Community Foresight to Reimagine Your Tomorrows

Have you heard the one about the guy who hopped in his car and drove around town one Sunday afternoon? Upon his return two hours later when his wife asked “where were you going?” he replied, “nowhere really, but I made good time!” Creating and implementing a strategic plan is a cornerstone of …

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