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Are you an elected official, board member, or local citizen who wants to help make your community a better and more prosperous place to live and work? Are you unsure where to start?

You are not alone and you don’t need to reinvent the wheel! Learn the best ways to move forward from the experiences of other communities and the knowledge of expert professionals.

The mission of Prosperous Places is to provide the tools you need for successful community and economic development and the benefits of better job opportunities, higher incomes, and a greatly enhanced quality of life!

Here are some tools you can use for community & economic development:

Blog IconInteractive Blogs. Read and learn from our blogs on key community and economic development topics such as community strategic planning, making your community more attractive to outside investors, workforce development, marketing your community, and many more topics. Join the conversation on each and learn from other communities.  

ChatsChats. Interested in a particular topic not covered in the blogs? Start a conversation in the Let’s Chat section for feedback and ideas from other communities and subject experts. 

Phone ConsultationPhone Consult. A Prosperous Places staff professional will gladly talk with you by phone without charge about your community and economic development situation and offer up some suggestions. 

Community Visit & AssessmentCommunity Visit and Assessment. A Prosperous Places staff professional can do a one-two day visit to your community, take a windshield tour, interview community leaders, and then conduct a briefing on our findings and recommendations. 

Event Speaker 2Event Speaker. Need a speaker for an annual Chamber banquet or community club meeting? A member of our team can speak on recent trends in community and economic development, business and economic conditions, or other similar topics. 

Consulting ServicesConsulting Services. Prosperous Places professionals have decades of collective experience in community and economic development, including

  • community assessment and visioning
  • creating and executing strategic plans for economic growth
  • organization and delivery of local economic development services
  • modern community marketing methods, and many other areas

No cookie-cutter here: Prosperous Places can customize a package to suit your needs. 

BooksBooks. Prosperous Places Principals and Associates have written numerous books and articles based on their extensive experience and research in community and economic development. Here are a few, just do an internet search to find the best option for purchase. 

Rhonda Phillips and Robert Pittman, Routledge
by Rhonda G. Phillips & Terry Besser
by Rhonda Phillips & S. Roberts
by Rhonda Phillips
(Update currently underway)
Culture, Community and Development [2019]
by Mark Brennan & Rhonda Phillips
London: Routledge (in press)
by Rhonda Phillips
by Sue Kenny, Brian McGrath, & Rhonda Phillips
by M. Joseph Sirgy, Rhonda Phillips, & Don Rahtz

Janus InstituteJanus Forum. Periodically the Janus Institute brings together professional community and economic developers, site selection consultants and corporate executives to assess key trends and issues in community and economic development. The Janus Forums, started in 2009, are among the highest-rated events in the industry and are cited by participants as a valuable peer learning and networking experience. Plans are underway to develop similar forums for elected officials, board members, and citizens interested in community and economic development. If you are interested in attending a future Janus Forum or learning more about them, just click here!

Use our toolbox yourself or let us bring our tools to your community to help improve the standard of living and quality of life.
It’s our mission and our passion.

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